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What Is Xmlrpc.php in WordPress and Why You Should Disable It

WordPress has always had inbuilt features that let you remotely interact with your site. Face it, sometimes you’ll need to access your website and your computer won’t be anywhere nearby. For a long time, the solution was a file named xmlrpc.php. But in recent years, the file has become more of a pest than a …

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How to Install Free SSL From Let’s Encrypt on Shared Hosting

Introduction Let’s Encrypt introduced free SSL certificates quite some time ago. It made possible for website owners to offer encrypted HTTPS connection for their visitors totally free of charge. Before Let’s Encrypt, the only way to get a valid SSL certificate was to purchase it from a seller. Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate can be installed …

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How to Hide Specific Pages in the WordPress Admin

If you’ve built a custom website using WordPress, perhaps you’ve created some pages like “Login,” “Register,” “Modify Profile” and so on. While this gives you the power to use WordPress template files, it also makes your system somewhat user-prone. What if a user changes a permalink or deletes the page altogether? In this Weekend WordPress Project I’ll explore a way …

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Password Protect WordPress Admin (wp-admin) Directory

Login to your cPanel. Scroll down till you see the Security Tab. Click on the “Password Protect Directories” icon. When you click on that, a lightbox popup will show up asking for directory location. Just click on web root. Once you are there, navigate to the folder where your WordPress is hosted. Then click on …

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Leverage browser caching

What is browser caching? Browser caching stores webpage resource files on a local computer when a user visits a webpage. “Leveraging” browser caching is when a webmaster has instructed browsers how their resources should be dealt with. When a web browser displays your webpage it has to load several things like your logo, your CSS …

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Enable/Disable Directory File Listing (Linux)

Follow the steps below to enable file listing in your Linux package, making the files stored in your subfolders visible: On Linux hosting packages, Directory Listing (file listing, file browsing, etc) is disabled by default. Because of this, if you would try to access a subfolder of your webspace filled with only pictures (such as …

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Change default “Select Category” text in categories dropdown widget in WordPress

Add a function like this one in your functions.php in the stylesheet directory: function ChangeSelectTitle($cat_args){ $cat_args[‘show_option_none’] = __(‘My Category’); return $cat_args; } add_filter(‘widget_categories_dropdown_args’, ‘ChangeSelectTitle’); Where My Category is the new title you want instead of Select Category